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•  Upon approval of marked areas, the alignment and finished level of in situ concrete road    kerb shall be set accurately on site for approval by the Engineer.

•  The depression areas along alignment must be regulated by crusher run and compacted    by main contractor.

•  Upon approval of the alignment and finished level, the process of the site mix concrete    grade 20 @ 20N/mm² for 28 days- 14mm aggregate will take place. The concrete will be    poured into 1 st kerbmaker concrete hopper. The concrete slump test 5-10mm (Stiff mix).    The proposed composition of the materials for the site mix base on 50kg cement (One    bag OPC) as follows:

Lime stone or
Quarry dust (m³)
Coarse Agg (m³)
Water (Liters)
Remarks / Use Recommended

Grade 20 1:2.5:3.5

1 No

1 No
Backhoe bucket

Earlier proposal Grade 20


•  Due to site constrain, we use backhoe bucket instead of timber box which are common    practice for the site mix. The backhoe bucket dimensions as shown below. Volume per    bucket V=0.08m³.

•  To maintain homogenous, the aggregate and lime/ quarry dust must be mixed accordingly    first before feeding the dry mix aggregate into the concrete mixer. For full capacity of    con.mixer need 2 backhoe buckets of mix aggregate V=0.16cum and 1 bag (50kg) OPC.    (Earlier proposal 2.5 backhoe buckets of dry mix agg V=0.2cum and 1.5bags OPC).

•  The W/C approximately 0.50. the aggregates exposed to atmosphere might need extra    water to maintain SSD of aggregate. Experience will enable Kerbmaker operators to    recognize a suitable mix at sight. Always ensure that concrete has sufficient water. A too    dry mix will produce neither good strength nor good product.

•  The surface of the mould must be clean from dirt, loose concrete, oil etc to ensure    optimum output products.

•  The cement grout will be poured into 2 nd concrete hopper. The thin layer of cement grout    will flow at outer surface of roadkerb. The purposed of cement grout to ensure the end    product look better finishing and texture.

•  The kerbmaker will run at recommended speed along the approved set up alignment and    finished level.

•  Due to weather, the road kerb will be exposed to contraction and expansion. The groove    10mm square at 3m c/c will be provided along road kerb.

•  The wet concrete kerb will not expose directly to the rain. The plastic sheet will be provided    to cover road kerb and to ensure the curing time will not disturb app 1 hour.